Wi-Fi Design & Installation
We provide Wifi design and installation solutions with security for you and your business to connect with the Internet safely and hassle-free anytime, anywhere.

“There are more than 50 billion connected devices at the moment in the year 2020. A well designed, secure, and reliable WiFi network is very much important for today’s era businesses and connectivity of wireless devices and should be managed by a Wifi design and installation company.

As one of the top Wifi design and installation provider, at LINKS IT, we have an experienced WiFi network and system planners, who will assist you and understand the scope of your Wifi network requirements considering a range of factors including the number and location of your employees, high-density areas, monitoring, and activity requirements.

We offer our Wifi design and installation solution, which includes monitoring your business WiFi activity from any internet-enabled device around the globe. This monitoring of your Wife network will allow you to understand how your internet is being used.

Just like our managed IT services that we provide support for your business desktops, laptops and servers, and other devices, our Wifi design and installation solution do support your business’s existing or a brand new Wifi network. By hiring our managed WiFi services, you will be offering Wifi access to your company’s employees, your customers, and the guests visiting your office. This service includes installation and monitoring of Wifi access points, Wireless network controllers, network cabling, network switches, and other necessary devices.

Our after-sales customer service is excellent. The knowledge of our professional team on available products is second to none while providing Wifi design and installation solution.

Today’s WiFi network is no much more complex and is no longer a convenience. It has become a necessity for almost every business as the world around us is now moving more to the wireless or Wifi to stay connected and secure.

Our professional team installs and configures proper and secure Wifi networks and systems that will allow you and your business to connect with safety and at the same time securely anywhere inside your office premises and beyond with the indoor and outdoor Wifi solutions.”
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